[Bug 1374] Worldcraft/hammer 3D view not visible

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Tue May 4 03:03:36 CDT 2004


------- Additional Comments From david_costanzo at yahoo.com  2004-04-05 03:03 -------
I think the problem is with WGL and/or x11drv.

After hacking on wgl.c, I was able to get the camera view to draw onto the
desktop's root window.  The good news is that the image looks fine, which makes
me think the gl* calls are not the problem, it's that the gl* calls are writing
to a window that is not being drawn to the screen.

I also tried calling XDrawLine on the same window on which the gl* calls are
made (you can get the Drawable in wglMakeCurrent), but I never saw my line.  The
window seems to ignore all drawing commands.

Any ideas on how to trouble-shoot why drawing to a "Drawable" has no apparent
effect?  Any ideas on how to determine if the Drawable in wglMakeCurrent is
really the camera window in Hammer (as opposed to some hidden window)?

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