[Bug 1374] Worldcraft/hammer 3D view not visible

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Tue May 4 06:17:37 CDT 2004


------- Additional Comments From lionel.ulmer at free.fr  2004-04-05 06:17 -------
This seems to be the 'famous' problem that is also present in the NWN toolset.
There was a mail of mine to the Wine mailing list explaining exactly the reasons
for this problem and a (hacky) fix.

I could not tell you exactly when I sent it, but it should be in the archives.
If you can't find it, I will see if I can find it in my archives.

Basically, it comes from the fact that the DC created for the OpenGL window does
not have the CLIPSIBLINGS flag set, which means that the X window associated to
this DC is the parent window with some hacks (ie X geometry translation +
passthrough). This geometry translation and passthrough is not supported by
OpenGL => the GL drawings are done in a window which is obscured by other
windows => one does not see anything.

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