[Bug 3145] Problems with "Many Faces of Go" V 11.0

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Tue Jul 19 11:11:43 CDT 2005


------- Additional Comments From steve at kelem.net  2005-19-07 11:11 -------
I removed my .wine directory and ran "wine".
It didn't give me a config file.
I tried running winecfg, and it complained about missing dlls.
Then I removed my .wine directory again, did a
unsetenv WINEDLLOVERRIDES and ran winecfg.
Now I was able to install MFOG.
It runs, but the stones don't display properly---there is a black square around
every stone.  My guess is that the black is really supposed to be transparent
pixels and that the transparency isn't being handled properly.
Sound works!  I can play it!  Is there something I can do to fix the
transparency issue?  Should I file a separate issue, or leave it in this one?
(Technically, the installation issue is resolved, but there is a display problem.)

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