[Bug 4806] Programs have header_size > st.st_size

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Sat Mar 25 13:23:25 CST 2006


------- Additional Comments From Speeddymon at gmail.com  2006-25-03 13:23 -------
I honestly don't think that that patch will get committed to wine.

The way wine is running with that line of code is that it returns an error if
the file it is trying to read is smaller than the header of that same file.  The
fact that wine is picking up a header that is bigger than the size of the file
being read astonishes me, as it is not possible.

What that means is that we need to figure out where wine is really pulling the
number it is filling header_size with and fix that..  If that number is correct,
then we need a test case to show that that line of code really is the problem,
and not that it just exposes a problem somewhere else.  It should be obvious by
my last statement, but if the test case causes the same error under windows,
then we know we are in conformance, and the problem lies somewhere else
(wherever wine is getting header_size from)..

I forwarded this bug to wine-devel, so hopefully someone with more experience
than myself can offer some input.

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