[Bug 1990] modifier keys not released when switching desktop

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Thu Mar 30 12:09:42 CST 2006


------- Additional Comments From Speeddymon at gmail.com  2006-30-03 12:09 -------
This appears to be due to the fact that both wine and the x server are catching
the combo.  wine thinks that you are trying to send a ctrl+ whatever command to
the windows app, and so catches the ctrl pressed event, but then when you press
the Fx the x server steps in and switches the desktop for you.  A good
comparison is if you are pressing the ctrl button in wine, and then somehow you
suspend the wine process.  You can let go of ctrl, but because it was pressed
when you suspended it, wine will still think it is pressed when you unsuspend
it..  The only way I can think to stop this is to press control again after you
switch back to wine, and it might catch the ctrl released.  That or make sure
you aren't sending commands to wine, by clicking on a blank area od the desktop,
before you do the desktop switch.

For right now, I don't think this is possible to fix...  Your best workaround is
to maybe change the hotkeys used to switch desktops, or just not use hotkeys to
switch desktops, since windows doesn't really support virtual desktops anyways..

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