[Bug 6764] Dragon Naturally Speaking 9 fails to install

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Wed Apr 18 16:07:12 CDT 2007


------- Additional Comments From dank at kegel.com  2007-18-04 16:07 -------
Full +msi,+relay log is 1.0GB long, and compressed down to
ten megabytes with rzip (quickly, too).  Full file at
Looks like it's barfing installing an msxml3 merge module
because a file is missing:

trace:msi:HANDLE_CustomType1 Calling function L"Wdsfpca_DoInstallWFPFile" from
0083:Call msi.MsiRecordSetStringW(0000003a,00000000,00763a68 L"Success:
msoobci.dll is loaded successfuly from 'C:\\windows\\temp\\mso4e76.tmp'")
0083:Call msi.MsiRecordSetStringW(0000003a,00000000,00763a68 L"Source path of
exception pack: 'c:\\Program Files\\Common Files\\Microsoft Shared\\SFPCA
Cache\\'") ret=00507eae
0083:Call setupapi.SetupOpenInfFileW(7c446ca0 L"c:\\Program Files\\Common
Files\\Microsoft Shared\\SFPCA Cache\\msxmlx.inf",00000000,00000002,00000000)
0083:Call kernel32.CreateFileW(00759880 L"C:\\Program Files\\Common
Files\\Microsoft Shared\\SFPCA
0083:Ret  kernel32.CreateFileW() retval=ffffffff ret=7c2a5654
0083:Ret  setupapi.SetupOpenInfFileW() retval=ffffffff ret=00505444
0083:Call msi.MsiRecordSetStringW(0000003a,00000000,00763a68 L"Error:
'msxmlx.inf' with error code 1 (0x1)") ret=00507eae
err:msi:ITERATE_Actions Execution halted, action L"InstallFinalize" returned 1603

That file, msxmlx.inf, was installed to c:\windows\system32.  So
perhaps our msi is putting it in the wrong place...

There's also a dgnsetup.log left in c:\windows\temp which is
somewhat interesting if you want it.

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