[Bug 7685] eMule webinterface does not work

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Fri Mar 16 07:01:38 CDT 2007


------- Additional Comments From zthg4821 at gmail.com  2007-16-03 07:01 -------
It does appear MTU values are at least partially implicated in the behavioral
discrepancy between local and remote web interface sessions.

On the box that's running eMule/Wine the default MTU setting of the lo interface
is 16436, and at that setting during a local web interface session only a couple
of the image transfers are hanging on the page that gets served after a
successful login, as I reported earlier.

Reducing lo's MTU to 1500 does indeed make local web interface sessions worse,
resulting in similar, but not identical behavior to remote sessions (eth0's MTU
is 1500). That is, unlike remote sessions I can still successfully login, but
the session then hangs on the page that gets served next, and only about 1/3 of
the page's content loads--much less than when MTU is 16436 on lo.

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