[Bug 10495] Wine should support PulseAudio

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--- Comment #7 from Stefan Dösinger <stefandoesinger at gmx.at>  2007-11-19 04:50:57 ---
PA will never be an option for gaming in Wine. You're right, we have to get in
contact with the PA developers, to make sure PA allows us to bypass it

"Good latency" is not enough, we need "no latency". Even if PA gets latency
down to 50 or even 25 ms it is way too long. Did you ever watch a professional
counterstrike player? My (unscientific) estimate is that the (eye,ear) -> hand
reaction time is around 100 ms. Adding another 25 ms game -> sound hardware
delay is absolutely unacceptable.
CS players say that they feel the difference between a 20 ms ping and a 50 ms
network ping when playing online, and I am sure they are right about this.

If a sound server is active by default that needs extra user action to be
bypassed then it will make Linux unusable for professional gamers. Gamers do
not care about mixing two applications' sounds, since they have only one app

ARTS surrendered its exclusive control of the sound device when it was not
used, and we need at least something like that from PA for proper DirectSound
support. A better solution would be if PA passed alsa calls through to the
driver without going through its mixer when only one app is using alsa, and
transparently enables and disables the mixer if other apps pop up.

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