[Bug 9736] Civilization 4 Beyond the sword : textures no more correctly rendered

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--- Comment #12 from Eike Hein <hein at kde.org>  2007-10-27 10:25:13 ---
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Screenshot demonstrating the distance-dependant properties of the bug

This screenshot, was taken with wine 0.9.48, might hold further clues as to the
exact nature of the problem. The camera position in relation to the game board
surface appears to be a significant factor. Let me try to break it down:

* When zoomed in close to the landscape, objects on it appear very dark, as
established above. At that distance, however, the entire landscape is lit
correctly, i.e. the map area where I have my cities and other units is bright,
and areas I have no cities/units on or haven't uncovered yet are correctly
covered by "fog of war", with soft transitions from uncovered to covered.

* When I zoom out further, two things happen: 

  (a) The city objects, previously defectively rendered dark suddenly become
correctly rendered bright, whereever the game logic allows me to see them.
Other objects - buildings outside the city, streets and railroads - remain

  (b) Simultaneously, the landscape, which morphs into a sphere the further one
zooms out, stops being rendered correctly. Only a part of the sphere is
properly lit as it was when it was zoomed in, the rest is blackened. This is
the problem I alluded to at the end of comment #11.

The distance at which those two things happen appears to be identical. As the
cities "light up", large parts of the map sphere go dark. The blackening of
those parts of the sphere are not a gameplay device; the demarcation line
doesn't match up with the game's "fog of war" mechanic as shown when zoomed in

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