[Bug 9569] automatically set up dosdevices on first run

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Mon Sep 3 00:23:06 CDT 2007


--- Comment #12 from Vitaliy Margolen <vitaliy at kievinfo.com>  2007-09-03 00:23:06 ---
BTW if you really think that this is the way Wine should do it, make and send
the patch to wine-patches. There you will have an opportunity for more people
to chime in on it.
However this proposition was discussed before and was rejected. Thus the
resolution of this bug.

Also just something for you to think about, how will you handle raid arrays?
LVMs? And don't forget the more important question, how will windows programs
handle that?

Also don't forget about that on windows you can have things like reparse
points, or partitions without drive letters assigned to them.

And that there are lots of ... outright broken software that wants to scan all
fixed drives (just in case) when you start them/install them.

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