Strange behaviour with GETVDMPOINTER32W

Alexandre Julliard julliard at
Thu Apr 12 16:59:36 CDT 2001

Uwe Bonnes <bon at> writes:

> Hopefully I get the cutting and pasting right now...
> ...
> Call KERNEL.88: LSTRCPY(0x045f781a,0x02ef7044 "%CMDLINE%") ret=02e7:0687 ds=02f7
> Ret  KERNEL.88: LSTRCPY() retval=0x045f781a ret=02e7:0687 ds=02f7
> ...
> Call KERNEL.516: GETVDMPOINTER32W(0x045f781a,0x0001) ret=02e7:ae4a ds=02f7
> Ret  KERNEL.516: GETVDMPOINTER32W() retval=0x404951ba ret=02e7:ae4a ds=02f7
> ...
> Call kernel32.lstrcmpA(404951ba "\021\021\021\021\021\021\021\021\021\021\021\021\021\021\0..."...,407e6cbc "%FINDWINDOWCL%") ret=10001464 tid=081df290

Well, either GetVDMPointer returns the wrong pointer, or someone has
written to the buffer in the meantime. You need to show us the full
trace if you want us to be able to help.

Alexandre Julliard
julliard at

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