IStorage file format.

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Thu Apr 12 17:43:01 CDT 2001

On Thu, 12 Apr 2001, Psyon wrote:

> I am interested in making an HTMLHelp (.CHM) viewer for Linux.  I am
> told the files are actually IStorage files.  I have been scouring the
> internet looking for information about this format with no avail.  I
> have also been looking over the WINE implementation, to see if that
> would shed some light on the format, but the code dives into a bunch of
> cryptic functions that I cant seem to follow.  Is there any documents
> describing the format of these files?   even just a brief description
> would be nice at this moment.
> If you have any information please replay directly to me at
> x-odus at
> Thanks in advance
> --Don Becker

There is some nice doco in this package:

This package has a little winelib program that manipulates one kind of
storage object, (a juno version 2 mail folder).  It is just sort of
cobbled together from a +storage trace of the app, but maybe it could
show a little how the functions can fit together if you are desperate.


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