debugger startup

eric pouech eric.pouech at
Fri Apr 13 10:58:43 CDT 2001

ok. I finally found out what's wrong
let's say process A launches thru CreateProcess a shell script

this shell script, in turn does an exec winedbg $* to launch the

what happens is that, in the server, the created process name is set to 
/home/me/foo, whereas, when the debugger starts, argv[0] is set to

what the process creation (open_winelib_app) gets from the server is the
/home/me/foo filename, which is wrong because of the exec

as I understand the code, it's better to use the name from the server
because it may be a windows style one (whereas argv[0] is always a unix

apart, from always using argv[0] (and transposing it to a windows
when needed), is there another fix ?

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