OpenGL Visual Management ... continued.

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Sun Apr 15 11:48:05 CDT 2001

lawson_whitney at wrote:
> On Fri, 30 Mar 2001, Gavriel State wrote:
> >
> > Ok - this is what I'll explore further then.  It may be a few more days
> > before I can get to it though, since it looks like I'm going to be a daddy
> > in a few hours.  8-)
> >
> >  -Gav
> >
> Don't let me stop you.  :-)  I lived with local patches for about 3
> months while file handles were getting sorted out, I guess I can give
> you a few days - hell, take a week if you need it.  I just hope the
> wine-users don't catch us.

Ok - I just submitted a patch that takes care of this.  Basically, since
we're now using a private colormap even when doing 'shared' color, we 
have to copy the most important colors out of the default colormap to 
avoid colormap flashing.  I chose 128, since it was the first power of
2 that let kdm's graduated-color title bars display properly.  It's
user-adjustable in the config file though ([x11drv]/CopyDefaultColors).

As far as the other thing goes, everything turned out very well. 8-)

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