fault handling - oof

lawson_whitney at juno.com lawson_whitney at juno.com
Tue Apr 24 12:27:19 CDT 2001

On Tue, 24 Apr 2001, Francois Gouget wrote:

>    If you're using native msvcrt then the first two should have no
> impact. If you meant that the crash only occurs when you try using the
> builtin msvcrt then maybe it's the patch to time.c. But I would still
> don't see why... quite the opposite.
>    Let us know if you find out more about this.
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> Francois Gouget         fgouget at free.fr        http://fgouget.free.fr/
>                                {free} || die "";
I have got the first 2 back in again and it seems still to work, so I
guess you are exculpated.  That leaves only the debugger patch or my own
fat fingers.


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