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Tue Apr 24 20:06:30 CDT 2001

On Tue, 24 Apr 2001, eric pouech wrote:

> don't want to be sarcastic at your fingers, but I don't see how a fix
> in the debugger could change the way an app work when the debugger is
> not
> launched...
> did you try to run the app with the debugger started before the crash
> to see where you get the first fault ?
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I don't either, but that is what seems to be happening.  Do you mean
start the debugger by itself and attach the app before it faults, or run
the app with the debugger?

I applied the patch by itself.  Of installable things, that changes only
the debugger, but I installed whatever make install sees fit to install.
The app won't start.  I restored only the debugger from a local.tar,
since only it changed.  The app still won't start.  I restored all of
local to the state before the patch and it will.  This makes so little
sense I am embarassed to write about it.  I am going to go out and get
some fresh air and see if it can clear my head.

Okay, it started raining, so I only did 8km on the push-bike instead of
16, but it seems to have helped.  If you get this, it comes by wine with
the debugger patch in.  It seems I was getting HD errors which were
causing wine to hang and otherwise misbehave.  Load a library, and when
you are done there is nothing there, so when the init code gets called,
it faults.  reverting moved the files to sectors that happened to work.
I should have known when the same version of wine worked on one box and
not on the other for the same app (shared by nfs) but at the time it
only made my head hurt.  e2fsck -c has fixed it for now, but sterner
measures may become necessary.

Sorry for the noise, and thanks for insisting on common sense.
There was nothing wrong with any of those patches after all.


It is impossible to make anything foolproof because fools are so
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