InstallShield and ole question...

Juergen Schmied juergen.schmied at
Wed Apr 25 15:24:26 CDT 2001

> > > My question, is anyone currently working on implementing CLSCTX_LOCAL_SERVER
> > > in compobj.c:CoGetClassObject, or have plans to work on this in the near
> > > future? If not, I may go back to trying to figure out what is happening
> > > with the 'native' configuration.
> > 
> > This will require a lot of work, basically you will need to implement
> > all of the OLE out of process, marshalling, rpc stuff.
> > 
> > This is not a trivial 100 line patch, its more like 20000+ lines.
> 	The CLSCTX_LOCAL_SERVER is used for function calls in another process
> on the same machine. So you wouldn't need any rpc, and I wouldn't think
> you would need marshalling .. In the case of InstallShield v6 it isn't
> really requesting anything from another process. It's requesting an
> object from an EXE, instead of a DLL. 
Ok, not rpc but lpc so we might get along with 10000+ lines. ;-)
Mashalling is nessesary in any case since the function calls have to go from one 
process to an other. The com object in the exe is likely an automation server.



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