Quickbooks 5 and printing

Dan Engel dengel at integraltech.com
Thu Apr 26 15:53:02 CDT 2001

eric pouech wrote:

> I wonder if QB5 doesn't assume that all printer drivers must be .drv
> files
> (not .dll), and gets the name with basic heuristics...

QB5 does just that.  There's a call STRCAT-ing the .DRV extension to the driver
name (WINEPS) just before trying to load the module.  I can make it cat an empty
string instead (by hexedit-ing the qbwpr.dll file), and the STRCAT is clearly
using an empty string now, instead of '.DRV', but the result is still the same
(i.e., the printer doesn't work, and the same message box is given.)

> we should perhaps build wineps as wineps.drv (for now it's built as
> wineps.dll)
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