CloseHandle with 0xffffffff parameter

Marco Bizzarri m.bizzarri at
Wed Aug 1 05:06:14 CDT 2001

Hi All.

While trying to make an application working under wine, I've stumped 
into the following trace fragment, obtained with --debugmsg +relay:

081612c8:Call kernel32.CreateFileA(405f6454 
081612c8:Ret  kernel32.CreateFileA() retval=ffffffff ret=404aa001
081612c8:Call kernel32.CloseHandle(ffffffff) ret=404aa0bd
081612c8:Ret  kernel32.CloseHandle() retval=00000000 ret=404aa0bd

As you can see, the program is trying to open a file, which is not 
found. An invalid handle (ffffffff) is returned. The program however 
closes the handle.

My question is: is this correct? Should the CloseHandle check to see if 
it is a correct handle?

Thank you all in advance
Marco Bizzarri
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