Strange window handle in the trace

Marco Bizzarri <m.bizzarri at> emmebi at
Wed Aug 1 07:15:08 CDT 2001

Hi all.

I'm working on a no-windows installation. The system is a RH 6.2 system,
upgraded to the latest patches. I've installed XFree4 and KDE 2.1

I'm experiencing an unhandled exception when I try to a VC
application. The application works (almost) fine until it opens a
selection dialog, with a list on it.

As you can see from the trace, it is trying to do an RDW_UpdateRgns with a
wndPtr of 0xffff

Unhandled exception: page fault on read access to 0x08fd506b
 in 32-bit code (0x406d1771).
In 32-bit mode.
Symbol h_errno is invalid
Symbol hack_digit is invalid
0x406d1771 (RDW_UpdateRgns+0x3c9 [painting.c:720] in testb
720                  if( wnd->dwStyle & WS_VISIBLE )
=>0 0x406d1771 (RDW_UpdateRgns+0x3c9(wndPtr=0xffff, hRgn=0x0, flags=0x180,
firstRecursLevel=0x0) [painting.c:720] in (ebp=405b1bc4)
  1 0x406d1787 (RDW_UpdateRgns+0x3df(wndPtr=0x40377824, hRgn=0x0,
flags=0x180, firstRecursLevel=0x0) [painting.c:721] in (ebp=405b1c20)
  2 0x406d1787 (RDW_UpdateRgns+0x3df(wndPtr=0x40377538, hRgn=0x0,
flags=0x180, firstRecursLevel=0x1) [painting.c:721] in (ebp=405b1c7c)
  3 0x406d1e08 (RedrawWindow+0x38c(hwnd=0x43f0, rectUpdate=0x0,
hrgnUpdate=0x0, flags=0x180) [painting.c:982] in (ebp=405b1cd4)
  4 0x406d1f1d (UpdateWindow+0x21(hwnd=0x43f0) [painting.c:1015] in (ebp=405b1cf0)
  5 0x0043df7a (<Debugged process>.EntryPoint+0x13625 in <Debugged
process>) (ebp=0046e660)
  6 0x00000623 (ebp=000044e4)

Just for "fun", I've tryied to add checks for 0xffff, but it crashes when
it enters non Wine DLL (actually they are Spread dlls from Farpoint)

Any clue?

Thanks you all in advance

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