Dont allow SetSelectorBase to change into an kernel region

Uwe Bonnes bon at
Fri Aug 3 06:32:30 CDT 2001

>>>>> "Alexandre" == Alexandre Julliard <julliard at> writes:

    Alexandre> Uwe Bonnes <bon at> writes:
    >> If I only allow to set the selector base when (selector base +
    >> selector limit) is smaller than 0x8000000, the application goes on
    >> and lets me read an eprom plugged into the Galep3 Programmer. Is the
    >> appended fix a right acceptable?

    Alexandre> No, it's legal to have selectors covering the entire address
    Alexandre> space. I'm afraid there is no good solution to this kind of
    Alexandre> problem. What does the app do under NT or with -winver nt40?

Hallo Alexandre,

I didn't get the NT version of Galep to install under wine. There is some
deadlock with the Win16Mutex. It would be nice if someone could have a look
at that problem. The installation file is found at 

Copying the galep directory from a NT machine, I can successfully run the
executable with winver "win31/win95/win95", without hitting the SetSelectorBase

Running with --winver nt40 however gives:

hertz:> wine --winver nt40 galep3.exe 
fixme:event:EnableHardwareInput16 (0) - stub
fixme:event:EnableHardwareInput16 (1) - stub
fixme:win32:DEVICE_Open Unknown VxD glpntdrv. Try --winver nt40 or win31 !

and the device is not accesible.

PS: Sould I submitt a patch to emitting a warning when SetSelectorBase wants
an illegal region? I think all memory about 0x80000000 is not allowed on
normal ix86 linux, while with the bigmen option it is 0xc0000000? Can I
determine this number during runtime? 


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