x11drv port to win32 possible ?

Rudi De Vos rudi.de.vos at simac.be
Thu Aug 9 03:08:38 CDT 2001


Has anyone already try to compile it with VC++.

Using the win32X11 port from http://sources.redhat.com/win32-x11/ and
microsoft visual C++ 6.0 I was able to compile some parts: tsx11 and 

The intention is to create a dll that exports the winapi graphic
functions for X11: X11DRV_CreateWindow,X11DRV_InitKeyboard,..
see x11drv.spec.

1)If we can compile that dll, can we recompile a win32 app so it
runs on a pc and display on a X-terminal?
2)Can multiple users run the same app on win95/98 and display on diff


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