x11drv port to win32 possible ?

Patrik Stridvall ps at leissner.se
Thu Aug 9 03:51:11 CDT 2001

> Has anyone already try to compile it with VC++.
> Using the win32X11 port from http://sources.redhat.com/win32-x11/ and
> microsoft visual C++ 6.0 I was able to compile some parts: tsx11 and 
> wineclipsrv.exe.
> The intention is to create a dll that exports the winapi graphic
> functions for X11: X11DRV_CreateWindow,X11DRV_InitKeyboard,..
> see x11drv.spec.
> 1)If we can compile that dll, can we recompile a win32 app so it
> runs on a pc and display on a X-terminal?
> 2)Can multiple users run the same app on win95/98 and display on diff
> X-terminals?

I think what I think you are proposing is currently entirely out of
the scope of the Wine project. Wine is currently not designed for this.

Compiling some of the non-core DLL:s like COMCTL32, COMDLG32 and others
might be meaningful for test purposes, but the core stuff like the is
simply not possible and it is not needed since Windows already has
its own implementation of them that can used in the testing the 
non-core DLL:s.

In short, what you are proposing is intresting but it has currently little
to do with the Wine project. What you want to do is the write
a Windows "graphic card" driver that display the result on an X-Terminal.

While you certainly can (and are indeed legally allowed to do)
use part of the x11drv to do this, I think most of the 
X11DRV is to high level to be useful.

Sure someday when your "graphic card" driver works good we might consider
redesigning Wine to use the Windows "graphic card" driver interface,
but it will certainly not not be done before Wine 1.0 or even Wine 1.x.
Perhaps Wine 2.0 might be a good point to merge such things with Wine,
assuming of course that you or somebody else implements such a thing
and releases it under an acceptable license (preferably the Wine license,
the new one that is).

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