x11drv port to win32 possible ?

Rudi De Vos rudi.de.vos at simac.be
Thu Aug 9 05:00:48 CDT 2001

Perhaps the subject needed to be
X11drv insite function port to win32 possible ?

A graphic driver would display the full desktop and not a single
application. And wine is not needed to display anything.
This is currently used with the sunpci (intel coprocessor card in the
sparc boxes).
The video driver display the pc-screen as a xwindows or native on a
second monitor.

I want to create equivalent functions, but it seems that the functions
(X11DRV_...) make also use of the ntdll, userdll ...
I just want to know if it would be possible to recompile the x11drv part
against the native dlls ( on win32 ).
Not the full x11drv, but only the functions mentioned in the x11drv.spec
file. So I would be able to change the functions in win32 source code
and recompile with the X11DRV_.. functions.

Thxs for the replay

Patrik Stridvall wrote:
> > Has anyone already try to compile it with VC++.
> >
> > Using the win32X11 port from http://sources.redhat.com/win32-x11/ and
> > microsoft visual C++ 6.0 I was able to compile some parts: tsx11 and
> > wineclipsrv.exe.
> >
> > The intention is to create a dll that exports the winapi graphic
> > functions for X11: X11DRV_CreateWindow,X11DRV_InitKeyboard,..
> > see x11drv.spec.
> >
> > 1)If we can compile that dll, can we recompile a win32 app so it
> > runs on a pc and display on a X-terminal?
> > 2)Can multiple users run the same app on win95/98 and display on diff
> > X-terminals?
> I think what I think you are proposing is currently entirely out of
> the scope of the Wine project. Wine is currently not designed for this.
> Compiling some of the non-core DLL:s like COMCTL32, COMDLG32 and others
> might be meaningful for test purposes, but the core stuff like the is
> simply not possible and it is not needed since Windows already has
> its own implementation of them that can used in the testing the
> non-core DLL:s.
> In short, what you are proposing is intresting but it has currently little
> to do with the Wine project. What you want to do is the write
> a Windows "graphic card" driver that display the result on an X-Terminal.
> While you certainly can (and are indeed legally allowed to do)
> use part of the x11drv to do this, I think most of the
> X11DRV is to high level to be useful.
> Sure someday when your "graphic card" driver works good we might consider
> redesigning Wine to use the Windows "graphic card" driver interface,
> but it will certainly not not be done before Wine 1.0 or even Wine 1.x.
> Perhaps Wine 2.0 might be a good point to merge such things with Wine,
> assuming of course that you or somebody else implements such a thing
> and releases it under an acceptable license (preferably the Wine license,
> the new one that is).

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