x11drv port to win32 possible ?

Patrik Stridvall ps at leissner.se
Thu Aug 9 06:17:51 CDT 2001

[You know you replied in private?
 Hmm, it doesn't seem to be private.
 Including list again, others might be intrested]

> Perhaps the subject needed to be
> X11drv insite function port to win32 possible ?

I'm not sure this new title makes it clearer. But never mind.
> A graphic driver would display the full desktop and not a single
> application. 


> And wine is not needed to display anything.
> This is currently used with the sunpci (intel coprocessor card in the
> sparc boxes).
> The video driver display the pc-screen as a xwindows or native on a
> second monitor.

I'm not sure I quite with you, but never mind, see below.
> I want to create equivalent functions, but it seems that the functions
> (X11DRV_...) make also use of the ntdll, userdll ...
> I just want to know if it would be possible to recompile the 
> x11drv part
> against the native dlls ( on win32 ).
> Not the full x11drv, but only the functions mentioned in the 
> x11drv.spec
> file. So I would be able to change the functions in win32 source code
> and recompile with the X11DRV_.. functions.

Possible, perhaps. However to me it just seems like a silly hack to use
the X11DRV_ functions for that or at least to use them directly.

Anyway, so what you really want to be able to compile Windows source code
to a Windows binary that instead of using normal USER/GDI instead
uses Wine's version of USER/GDI that using the X11DRV
displays the application's Window(s) on a X-Terminal?

Hmm. Intresting idea. Well, yes that would be possible to do with Wine,
at least in theory. There is a lot a practical problems to be resolved
for that to work. Just getting the non-core parts (especially USER/GDI
and X11DRV) to compile and link to a DLL with the Windows headers will
be an effort by itself. Actually getting it to work will be even worse,
The USER (and to a lesser part even GDI) seems, eventhough I guess they
can be made not to, to use the Wine server for some things, with means
that you will either have to fix that or emulate the Wine server on
Windows. It is propably not that hard to emulate it, but quite a lot
of work regardless.

Then you have the issue of getting the Windows versions of COMCTL32
and COMDLG32 DLL:s and similar DLL:s using your special versions
of USER32 and GDI32 and not the Windows ones. I'm not sure Windows
can be made to support this at all. It depends on exactly how library
loading work. Hmm, perhaps it would be possible to "hook" LoadLibrary

Anyway, I'm sorry to say that it will currently not, with the state
Wine is now, be possible to do that without an enormous effort. Despite
this I'm happy to say that I think it will be possible some day. However
not until past Wine 1.0 or perhaps not even past Wine 1.x.

Nice idea though.

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