Wine call graph; wineserver; the "big picture"

Phillip Schmitz phillip at
Wed Aug 15 02:16:03 CDT 2001

[I mistakenly posted this to /
wine-users rather than here. Thanks to eric pouech for his reply
there. Sorry if you've already seen this there]


I've been lurking for a while now with a view to starting work on wine
- specifically COM and DCOM. I know some people have started some work
and there might be some patent issues with COM at least - so maybe
DCOM is a better bet (I had the possibly naive idea of implementing
COM via DCOM - it would be almost transparent, slower but less

I've read most of the developer docs and some relevant source but I'm
still having problems grokking the interrelationships between
different parts of wine and the role(s) of wineserver. I have a
general understanding of Win32 from a programatic point of view rather
than wine's implementation details. While I'm quite willing to "read
the source" there's rather a lot of it :) and rather deep dependencies
(even with tags one jumps around for a while trying to understand what
does what).

Does anyone have a call graph for wine or a (decent, open-source)
program for making one. I've considered Source-Navigator but it seems
like the required database would be twice the size of the wine source!

Since (D)COM affects many parts of function and message handling and
process address space tampering I considered the less ambitious
project of fixing up (Net)DDE first - at least then the all-important
Hearts will run networked. Is anyone actively working on that (the
source has sporadic updates)? I don't want to start hacking off on a
tangent. The different behaviours of win9x and NT will also be a
problem since I don't have a real NT installation

Also, what do people use in terms of test-suites? custom win32 apps?
free/shareware? While I have quite a few larger apps like Office etc I
imagine it's better to try smaller, more specific apps at first. I
want to do comparisons and communication with Win95/8 in VMWare and
don't really want to _purchase more Win32 apps_ for testing!

Thanks for any experience or insight you might share.


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