COM/DCOM standard, conformance test suite (was: Wine call graph; wineserver; the "big picture")

Dan Kegel dank at
Wed Aug 15 12:04:53 CDT 2001

Phillip Schmitz wrote:
> I've been lurking for a while now with a view to starting work on wine
> - specifically COM and DCOM. I know some people have started some work
> and there might be some patent issues with COM at least - so maybe
> DCOM is a better bet (I had the possibly naive idea of implementing
> COM via DCOM - it would be almost transparent, slower but less
> "dangerous").

I doubt that DCOM has fewer patent issues than COM.  

By the way, here's a good 'executive summary' of com/dcom:
And here's the official spec (yes, there is one!):
The above document is actually the "ActiveX" spec,
so it covers more than just COM, but that's probably good.
I don't know how good it is as an implementor's guide, but it looks promising.

> Also, what do people use in terms of test-suites? custom win32 apps?
> free/shareware? While I have quite a few larger apps like Office etc I
> imagine it's better to try smaller, more specific apps at first. I
> want to do comparisons and communication with Win95/8 in VMWare and
> don't really want to _purchase more Win32 apps_ for testing!

Good question.

There *is* a COM conformance test suite; see
I doubt that Microsoft would let Wine developers use it, though.

On the other hand, the Open Group sells COM/DCOM implementations packaged with the
interoperability test suite at a "nominal fee"; see
They have released things like Motif as open source in the past...
I wonder if they'd be willing to contribute their DCOM or the test suite?
That would rock.

Anyone know anyone who works at the Open Group? :-)

- Dan

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