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Wed Aug 15 22:02:13 CDT 2001

Phillip Schmitz wrote:
> [I mistakenly posted this to /
> wine-users rather than here. Thanks to eric pouech for his reply
> there. Sorry if you've already seen this there]
> Hi,
> I've been lurking for a while now with a view to starting work on wine
> - specifically COM and DCOM. I know some people have started some work
> and there might be some patent issues with COM at least - so maybe
> DCOM is a better bet (I had the possibly naive idea of implementing
> COM via DCOM - it would be almost transparent, slower but less
> "dangerous").

Ove Kaven of TransGaming is working on out-of-process COM issues right
now in the hopes of getting InstallShield V6 installers working.  Have
a look back at the recent wine-devel archive for more information.  If
you want to help, one thing that's needed immediately is a reader for
older format Typelibs.  This is needed so that we can create an appropriate
'proxy' object on the client and 'stub' on the server that can marshall
the data for the functions that are getting called.

Check out some of the previous discussions on Wine-devel to learn more
about this.  Any help you can render on that front would be great!


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TransGaming Technologies Inc.
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