Wine call graph; wineserver; the "big picture"

Jeremy White jwhite at
Wed Aug 15 22:02:58 CDT 2001

> Ove Kaven of TransGaming is working on out-of-process COM issues right
> now in the hopes of getting InstallShield V6 installers working.  Have
> a look back at the recent wine-devel archive for more information.  If
> you want to help, one thing that's needed immediately is a reader for
> older format Typelibs.  This is needed so that we can create an appropriate
> 'proxy' object on the client and 'stub' on the server that can marshall
> the data for the functions that are getting called.

Unless I've totally misunderstood Huw, he's well on his way to having
at least one older Typelib read.  He's out right now at a wedding, but
will hopefully be able to speak more coherently for himself later.


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