Problems building with extern inline functions in winebase.h

Mike Bond mbond at
Thu Aug 16 09:27:21 CDT 2001

A couple days ago a number of inline functions were put into winebase.h.
Since then I have been unable to build, using gcc 2.96-81 (RedHat). Apparently
this version of gcc thinks that because there is an extern prefixing the
inline, even though the function does in fact have a body, that the
function really is external. Removing the extern, just having inline as
one would do in C++, does not appear to work correctly either, and causes
the function to appear as a exported symbol in all the object files that
header gets included with, thus resulting in multiple definitions.

I'm not sure what the correct solution would be, other than using the
older function call method for this version of gcc. Perhaps I'm just
missing some variant on the use of inline?


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