Does Wine's winhlp work?

David D. Hagood wowbagger at
Thu Aug 16 20:28:27 CDT 2001

Is Wine's WinHelp program supposed to work? By that I mean, if I invoke 
that program with a Windows help file, is it supposed to be able to 
display the contents of the help file as Window's winhelp.exe would?

I ask because 1) I have a program (DeLorme's AAA MapNGo) that uses 
WinHelp format documents for some of its normal operation, and 2) I have 
a WinHelp format file I'd dearly like to be able to access directly from 

When I try to launch Wine's Winhelp, it brings up a window, but the 
window is empty. If I go to File->Open and try to open a WinHelp file, I 
get the same result. Is there some setup I'm missing?

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