help me with WIN95 value of version16()

Ladislav Sladecek lsla at
Sun Aug 26 16:34:05 CDT 2001

The return value of  GetVersion16() for win95 changed recently from 0x5f03 to
0x304 in misc/version.c (patch 1.43 -> 1.44).  The version of "real" win95 I use
(Czech, win95 2nd ed) gives 0x5f03 while "wine --winver win95"  gives 0x304. 
As I do not have the US version of win95 I am not able to determine the right

Since people from many countries read this group I ask for help. I
created a simple test (compiled binary attached or compile yourselves in a 16
bit compiler). Please let me know what do your win95 (win98) returns. 

#include <windows.h>
int WINAPI WinMain()
	char s[1024];
	v = GetVersion();
	wsprintf(s,"GetVersion returned: 0x%0x",v);
	MessageBox(NULL,s,"lsla at",0);
	return 0;

Ladislav Sladecek

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