help me with WIN95 value of version16()

Francois Gouget fgouget at
Sun Aug 26 22:34:36 CDT 2001

On Sun, 26 Aug 2001, Ladislav Sladecek wrote:

> The return value of  GetVersion16() for win95 changed recently from 0x5f03 to
> 0x304 in misc/version.c (patch 1.43 -> 1.44).  The version of "real" win95 I use
> (Czech, win95 2nd ed) gives 0x5f03 while "wine --winver win95"  gives 0x304. 
> As I do not have the US version of win95 I am not able to determine the right
> value.

   I would like to help you and I have a Win95 system around. But I
don't have a Win16 compiler as these things are getting quite rare.
   Would anyone be able to compile this application and make it
available to people on the links, either by emailing it if it is really
small or via some website (I can provide space if necessary).

   I think we have a big problem here which is that 16bit environments
are getting pretty rare. This means that:
 - almost no-one can check the behavior of an application or API in
Windows 3.1
 - even fewer persons can compile test applications when we need to
test a Win16 API on Win32 OSes.

  It would probably help if we had a few volunters willing to act as Win
3.x testers or "compile servers" for Win16 test applications. Or if
someone could provide a Wine developper with a Win16 compiler / Windows
3.x license.

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