debugger fix

Jon Griffiths tntjpgriff at
Sat Feb 3 16:02:44 CST 2001


> debugger starts all right and I can go to a breakpoint using the <dll name
> in uppercase>.<api> trick.

On a somewhat related note, I'm trying to get the debuggers from lcc and 
visual studio to work. VC is my preference since it will let you bring up a 
release build executable (i.e. any old program), and then set advanced 
breakpoints on dll calls that it makes. It also handles threaded programs 
with ease.

VC currently runs and lets you step through assembly. Both environments need 
some Virtual* calls implemented before they will run properly.

So, does anyone have a hint on how to go about supporting 
VirualProtectEx/VirtualQueryEx on other provesses?


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