psdrv: map Courier New to Courier

gerard patel gerard.patel at
Sun Feb 4 04:13:15 CST 2001

At 05:40 PM 3/2/01 +0600, you wrote:
>I cannot get this patch to apply.  I've tried it with a CVS pull from
>earlier today and one from 1/29.  With both, I get:
>patching file include/winspool.h
>Hunk #1 FAILED at 957.
>1 out of 1 hunk FAILED -- saving rejects to file include/winspool.h.rej

This file is supposed to  display where the problem is. If it's not
obvious, the problem is with tab expansion - it happens with cut & paste
from Netscape. Try with patch -l


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