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Mike McCormack mike_mccormack at
Mon Feb 5 02:08:00 CST 2001

Hi John,

As i understand, Alexandre wants to get rid of the service thread
completely. He rejected an async i/o patch of mine that used the
service thread on these grounds.

The server would also need to wait on the service thread somehow...
something else that might be frowned upon.

i'm pretty sure that currently there isn't any way to do this except
use the service thread though :-(

Perhaps it'd be nice to tie up all these memory issues with some kind
of kernel patch... a way to read/write and generally mess with another
process's memory that was broader and more efficient that p-trace.


> Is there any reason _not_ to use the service
> thread of the target process to perform cross-process ?
> virtualAlloc/Protect etc?
> Jon

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