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Ulrich Weigand weigand at
Tue Feb 6 18:56:00 CST 2001

Eric Pouech:

> well, except from the fact that C comments are not welcomed in SHELL
> scripts :-O , the rest went fine (at least from the compilation point of view)
> debugger seemed to run fine... I could set the bp were I wanted
> there's still a few points I need to look at (especially if ELF addresses
> are right, and source file location for <x>.spec.c file)

Great. ;-)

> last point, couldn't we use a -s option to xargs ? (but I don't know
> if it's a nice feature of GNU gcc and if it's portable)

I guess -s is quite portable; it's part of the Single Unix Specification.
But why would we need it?  Without -s, xargs is supposed to make the
command lines as long as possible, i.e. up to the maximum length of the
command line supported by the operating system.  Isn't this exactly what
we want here?

But I just noticed that I don't need the "$IMPLIST" != "" check, as a 
'objcopy' does nothing, successfully ... So the command simplifies to 

  nm $1 | grep __wine_dllimport | sed -e 's/^.*__wine_dllimport_[^_]*_/-N /' | xargs objcopy $1

or maybe even

  nm $1 | awk -F '__wine_dllimport_[^_]*_' '$2 {print "-N " $2}' | xargs objcopy $1

which is nearly simple enough to be inlined in the Make.rules again :-/


  Dr. Ulrich Weigand
  weigand at

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