various config files for various applications

Martin Pilka mpilka at
Sun Feb 11 16:45:57 CST 2001

hello everybody!

i know it was already at least mentioned here - how to provide config
file that works without change for more than one application. what do
you think about this concept?

the changes to config file are relevant to some sections only. i think
these are important:
 * [DllDefaults], [DllOverrides]
 * [wine] - because of path variable, some programs want to have
something specific there
 * [x11drv] - for example something runs better in managed mode,
something not
 * i'm not quite sure about [fonts], [spooler]

so probably we need to make these sections application dependent. when
we parse the config file we don't have a lot information about the
application we're going to run - in fact the file name only. anyway
that's probably enough. so maybe we could add the new optional sections
like [x11drv-homesite*.exe]. the string after "-" sign could be an case
insensitive regular expression. when some of this x11drv optional
sections match the condition about its filename, it's taken and no more
x11drv sections are considered. if not, the default non-optional x11drv
section is taken.

i think we shouldn't follow some "inherit" concept because it could dim
things a lot. simple "this and only this section is valid" should be

and of course there have to be some trace message which section was
really used.

i believe this could significantly increase the number of applications
which run fine with the default config file we provide. of course the
ideas how to improve/wholly change this concept are welcomed.


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