various config files for various applications

Jon Griffiths tntjpgriff at
Sun Feb 11 21:39:52 CST 2001

> i know it was already at least mentioned here - how to provide config
> file that works without change for more than one application. what do
> you think about this concept?

The problem here is the server. I notice that if you start one application 
with --managed, all applications started afterwards also get this set, if the 
server is still active when they start.

I think the server should store its preferences in a process specific area 
that can be set per-process (but by default would use the .wine/config 
setup). Everything else should be overridale on the command line, perhaps?

One nice thing about this would be the ability for a (gui?) wine utility to 
read and change those defaults for a process using server calls. Debug 
messages could be turned on/off, for example, while the server is still 
running. Being able to browse the servers process/thread tree, attach a 
debugger externally etc could also useful.

This would require a small set of 'server broswer' calls to be made 
available, and the current global preferences such as tweak_winelook to be 
held by the server. However, its a fair bit of work, and unlikely to happen 
in the immediate future AFAICS.


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