Explorer/shell question.

Rob Landley telomerase at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 11 16:07:32 CST 2001

I don't personally use windows, but I have a lot of
friends who do.  I just showed a friend 98lite.net
(which has apparently gone commercial in the last year
or two; I was actually looking for the list of
instructions the used to have on how to replace the 98
I.E. based explorer with the 95 filesystem only
explorer and delete I.E. from the system).

Unfortunately, the 95 explorer, being MS intellectual
property, can't be included with 98lite, they have to
have a copy of 95 (pre OSR 2.5) lying around.  I
vaguely remembered this list discussing cloning the
filesystem explorer months and months back, so my next
thought was to wander over to winehq and see if you
guys had cloned the filesystem explorer in such a way
it could potentially be cleaned up and used to browse
the filesystem so I.E. can be deleted.  I didn't find
one here, so I'm guessing the outcome of said
discussion was "no, we aren't going to do that", but
it seemed to be a question worth asking anyway.

So: has anybody simply cloned the 95 explorer yet? 
Would the clone run under windows itself?  How deeply
does it have its tentacles into the guts of the rest
of the system?  Where would I go to look for such a


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