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Alan Chandler alan at
Mon Feb 12 17:56:03 CST 2001

On Mon, 12 Feb 2001 21:31:18 +0000, you wrote:

>Alan Chandler wrote:
>> I noticed that when using winedbg, in konsole of kde, I got an error
>> trying to create the debug terminal.  I checked and realised that I
>> did not have xterm installed.
>ok. i'll make a more explicit message
>> Now, when I start winedbg it briefly creates the xterm and almost
>> immediately closes and exits.  I don't even get to a first breakpoint
>> before starting the programme, although xterm does have time to
>> complain that it can't find font vga and that its using fixed.
>could you:
>1/ set up the debugger to full trace. To do so, open the 
>~/.wine/user.reg file, and set in key [User\\<the_user>\\Software\\Wine\\WineDbg]
>the values
>2/ then run wine with -debugmsg +console,+seh
>3/ rerun and post the resulting trace (compressed plz)

Sorry for any trouble, but I followed your instructions and it worked
perfectly (and there was as small amount of output).

So I put it all back (undid the registry changes) and it still worked

I will swear blind it didn't work yesterday, but today all is fine.
Don't know what happened.


alan at

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