process.h patch

Jon Griffiths tntjpgriff at
Wed Feb 14 09:03:34 CST 2001


I'm going to pass them on to Francois to add. Ill be away from contributing 
in a few days (for a couple of months) while I travel, so I won't be able to 
follow up any issues with them. And if someone makes the dll build with the 
headers, that would be good too. 

> Winelib apps, i.e. just about nobody <grin>

Sad but true, thats why these issues are just popping up now. I think once 
more Win32 development tools (esp. VC++) run under Wine we will see more 
action on this front. Developers crave stability, and being able to 
simultaniously build the native and Wine versions would be a boon.

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