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Eric Pouech Eric.Pouech at
Sat Feb 17 14:30:36 CST 2001

John F Sturtz wrote:
> Greetings.
> I work for CodeWeavers here in St Paul.  Awhile back, I was set to
> the task of working on winetest, a Wine application which provided a
> flex/bison-based parser for a little scripting language from which Wine
> API functions could be called.  The idea was that one could write test
> scripts which would call Wine API functions and examine the results,
> and the scripts could be used for regression testing of Wine.
> The scripting language began life with a rather Perl-ish syntax,
> and as functionality got added, it got more so.  Eventually (about
> the time I had implemented a pack function, and wanted an unpack),
> I decided to see if I could write a Perl extension that provided
> a gateway for calling Wine API functions.  That way, scripts for
> regression testing could be written directly in Perl instead.

from a pure testing standpoint, using perl would be great. but, how will
you cope with structure passing, callbacks and all the other great ^ - ^
stuff from the MS API ? (not even talking about the threads) ?

on the other hand, for lots of API this would be a very good tool 
(thinking first on all the string, file manipulation routines - starting
with the registry)

I also started to think (and write the very first pieces) of a test
harness. If you like to, I'm fully open to discuss all that with you.


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