various config files for various applications

Eric Pouech Eric.Pouech at
Tue Feb 20 13:06:48 CST 2001

> the advantage is much easier maintenance. the disadvantage could be that
> you can't see the whole configuration in ~/.wine/config file anymore -
> some settings could be overwritten by optional file in
> ~/.wine/app-config.
well, what I don't like too much is the time at process startup to look up
for the correct file (if it exists). Especially if people start writing
app specific files like rabbits. Couldn't we put a speed up in the file
look up ? Something easy like naming the config file after the first letter
of the application... (I know it'll break *foo.exe, but it shouldn't be
too much of an issue).
Future work may also include version information if available (think of
winword.exe for example ; all of those are rather different apps)

regarding configuration, another point which really bugs me is also the
content of the registry. I fear this is going to cause us lots of
trouble in the future... and may be we'll need application specific keys
in the registry...

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