Shell32 improvements

gerard patel gerard.patel at
Wed Feb 21 05:44:28 CST 2001

At 08:08 PM 20/2/01 -0500, you (Chris Morgan <cmorgan at>) wrote:
>ChangeLog entry:
>*dlls/shell32/shres.rc, shresdef.h, shlfolder.c, shlfileop.c:
>Chris Morgan <cmorgan at>
>Confirm file deletes.  Make delete confirmation messages more consistent.
>Improve trace messages on delete failure.
>*dlls/shell32/shlview.c, shell32_main.h:
>Chris Morgan <cmorgan at>
>Add shell support for deleting files using the Delete key.
>Attachment Converted: g:\eudora\eudora\attach\shell32.diff

Is it supposed to work ? If I hit 'Delete' in a shell window I get :

0x40863f38 (_ILIsDesktop+0x3c [pidl.c:1382]): cmpw      $0,0x0(%esi)
1382            return ( !pidl || (pidl && pidl->mkid.cb == 0x00) );
=>0 0x40863f38 (_ILIsDesktop+0x3c(pidl=0x25dc) [pidl.c:1382]) (ebp=40585d74)
  1 0x40864258 (_ILSimpleGetText+0x74(pidl=0x25dc, szOut=0x40585ee3, uOutSize=0x104) [pidl.c:1471]) (ebp=40585e9c)
  2 0x408745df (ISFHelper_fnDeleteItems+0x12b(iface=0x4039431c, cidl=0x1, apidl=0x40391a70) [shlfolder.c:1512]) (ebp=40585fd8)
  3 0x40878aa5 (ShellView_OnNotify+0x735(This=0x4039428c, CtlID=0x7d0, lpnmh=0x405863ac) [shlview.c:1330]) (ebp=40586258)
  4 0x40878d5e (ShellView_WndProc+0x17e(hWnd=0x2548, uMessage=0x4e, wParam=0x7d0, lParam=0x405863ac) [shlview.c:1396]) (ebp=40586278) 


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