[gphoto-devel] Running Polaroid PhotoMax under wine

Nathan Stenzel nathanstenzel at motion.net
Mon Feb 19 16:17:26 CST 2001

It would be really nice if TWAIN and WINE would work together to support TWAIN compatable drivers under Linux.
Surely this would be much easier than every piece of hardware having a Linux driver hacked for it.
It would open up the hardware makers to a whole new operating system too.
I would hope that all the TWAIN drivers would have a way to run on any OS.
TWAIN is supposed to be a standard afterall and standards are supposed to make things easier.
I decided this was an interesting idea so I am sending copies of this to various other newsgroups (some of which I am not subscribed to).

> I set wine up for the express purpose of seeing if the windoze
> software would download the pictures from my camera.  I had the same
> problem with the buttons not showing up in PhotoMAX, but I got
> Irfanview to run successfully.  However, it wouldn't acknowledge the
> existence of the camera, so I posted to the wine newsgroup about it.
> They said that the function calls required by the TWAIN driver(s)
> aren't [yet?] implemented.
> Regards,
> Ben

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