FYI: ControlSpy has stopped working

Alexandre Julliard julliard at
Mon Jun 11 14:54:28 CDT 2001

520053692817-0001 at (Andreas Mohr) writes:

> Well, this simply means there will be no "official" Wine release for some time
> to come.
> We have two possibilities:
> 1. do major changes and debug until it's ready, then commit it
> 2. do major changes, commit them and wait for the patches to arrive
> Obviously 2. means there will be *no* new official release before it's fixed
> in its entirety (or at least only relatively "trivial" bugs remain).

Well, not exactly; the release will be made once I no longer have any
bug reports to work on. So if you feel the code is not ready for
release, you better send me bug reports...

So far the things I'm working on are:

- ScrollWindow doesn't always get exposure events
- client rect must be empty for zero size window
- must create X window before WM_NCCREATE
- hardware events priority order is messed up
- ControlSpy refresh (?? needs more details)

So if you see problems that are not listed here, you have to report
them or they won't get fixed before the release.

Alexandre Julliard
julliard at

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