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Thu Mar 29 08:22:44 CST 2001

On Thu, 29 Mar 2001, Gavriel State wrote:

> Argh.  I'm getting the same behaviour in 8-bit mode on my NVidia card.  I
> don't remember getting it when testing the 3dfx card I just loaned out to
> someone.  Maybe I flubbed the 8-bit testing there...
> Can you tell me:

>   - What video card you're using

(**) Mach64: Graphics device ID: "ATI Mach64 CT (264CT)"

>   - What bit depth and resolution you've got

(--) Mach64: PCI: Mach64 CT rev 9, Aperture @ 0xfe000000, Block I/O @ 0xfc00
(--) Mach64: Card type: PCI
(--) Mach64: Memory type: DRAM (1)
(--) Mach64: Clock type: Internal
(--) Mach64: Maximum allowed dot-clock: 135.000 MHz
(**) Mach64: Mode "640x480": mode clock =  45.800
(**) Mach64: Mode "800x600": mode clock =  69.650
(**) Mach64: Mode "1024x768": mode clock =  85.000
(**) Mach64: Mode "1280x1024": mode clock = 110.000
(--) Mach64: Virtual resolution: 1280x1024
(--) Mach64: Video RAM: 2048k
(--) Mach64: Using hardware cursor
(--) Mach64: Using 16 MB aperture @ 0xfe000000
(--) Mach64: Ramdac is Internal
(--) Mach64: Ramdac speed: 135 MHz
(--) Mach64: Using 8 bits per RGB value

What is bit depth?  :-)  can you tell from that?  That is interesting.
At 16 bpp, the symptoms I reported don't occur, and all is well.  I
guess you suspected that, but it didn't occur to me to check before.  I
might be the only wine user who habitually uses 8bpp:  I can't see any
difference between 8 and 16 bpp.  Well, with your patch in I can.

>   - Whether the behaviour continues if you turn off the setup_opengl_visual()
>     call in dlls/x11drv/x11drv_main.c
>   - Whether notepad.exe exhibits the same behaviour (that's the only non
>     game app I run on a regular basis for testing).
> > No doubt I am not well set up for DGA:
> DGA shouldn't matter for this stuff at all.
> > I haven't really looked into it much yet...maybe you will see right off
> > what you or I have done wrong?
> At a guess - the privately created ColorMaps need to take their initial colors
> from the Default Color Map?
> I'll try to have a further look into it tomorrow.  Sorry for any wasted time.
>  -Gav
> --
> Gavriel State, CEO
> TransGaming Technologies Inc.
> gav at
I'll get on with some more tests now, but I want to give you that to
start with.

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Dammit, my winelib sendmail program won't work unless X is running.  Try
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