Script to get committed patches

Simeon Pilgrim simeon.pilgrim at
Tue May 1 18:39:43 CDT 2001

While looking at
>    - the 'Wine Developers Guide'

on page:
I notice the following. 

try to avoid the style: 
FIXME(xxx, "(fd=%d, file=%s): stub\n", fd, name);
but use: 
FIXME(xxx, "(fd=%d, file=%s): stub\n", fd, name);
The reason is that if you want to grep for things, you would search 
for FIXME but in the first case there is no additional information
available, where in the second one, there is (e.g. the word stub) 

But both line are the same, I'm guessing the first was ment to look 

FIXME(xxx, "(fd=%d, file=%s)\n", fd, name);


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