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Francois Gouget fgouget at
Tue May 1 18:11:16 CDT 2001

On Tue, 1 May 2001, gerard patel wrote:
> This weekend I have browsed the wonderful Wine user manual for the
> first time , since I have now a computer with a working db2html - now
> I know what *is* the Wine user manual ;-)

   This is the first time you saw the 'Wine user manual'???
   You probably meant something else, it's right there on the WineHQ site:
 - there's a big 'Help!' heading with 'WINE Documentation and Support,
FAQ and HOWTO.' as the subtitle. Click on it.
 - there, the first item is 'Official Wine documentation', click on it
 - and then you have the choice of:
   - the 'Wine User Guide'
   - the 'Winelib User Guide'
   - the 'Wine Developers Guide'
   - the 'Wine Packagers Guide'

   It should even be up to date but I'm not entirely sure. If not then
something must be done about it.

> I have not seen where this info is hiding.

   That can be harder to track, I agree :-)

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